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RV Repair Tips

Summer time is arriving and that means a lot of folks will be heading out for an RV road trip, which is very exciting – until it gets interrupted. Here are five do-it-yourself repair tips to help keep you rolling!

Repair tip 1: Bring an electrical kit that contains wire-cutters, electrical tape, connectors, extra wires and bulbs to fix common problems.

Repair tip 2: In case of plumbing problems like leaky pipes or loose fittings, keep a plumbing kit handy.

Repair tip 3: PVC fittings in an RV are usually easy to repair. Be sure your plumbing kit includes extra fittings, PVC and duct tape.

Repair tip 4: A basic roadside repair kit should contain your RV manual, fuses, an extra tire, bulbs, jack, lug wrench and torch

Repair tip 5: For more severe roadside emergencies, consider having some type of roadside assistance coverage.