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Kessler Alair's First Bat-a-Thon for the Be Perfect Foundation

On Saturday October 19th the Kessler Alair Employees and their families got together at Claremont High School for a teambuilding and fundraising event.  The event was held at the Claremont High School Baseball field where alumni Brad Kessler, Hal Jr., and the Kessler sons have all played baseball.


“Keeping strong relationships with our co-workers now that we are in two separate offices is a bit more of a challenge. Events like this help us get to know each other and our families on a more personal level. Not only that we were able to raise money for the Be Perfect Foundation while we did it!"shares Michael Kessler Vice President at Kessler Alair Insurance.


After words of inspiration shared by Hal Hargrave Jr. founder of the Be Perfect Foundation, a barbecue and potluck was shared by over 60 members of the Kessler Alair family. Each person was given a chance at bat. Home runs, triples, doubles, and a lot of singles were hit out into the Wolfpack field with the Kessler Alair Logo on the scoreboard overseeing the whole event.


"How much money did I make for Hal mom?” said Matthew Dalton.  He was determined to do his best to help Hal and his foundation.


Overall the event was deemed a sucess as $1065 was raised to donate from Kessler Alair Insurance to the Be Perfect Foundation in addition to the other efforts made this year to sponsor the deserving non-profit.




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