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Kessler Alair Insurance Services- A Name Created by Veterans.

Kessler Alair Insurance Services- A Name Created by Veterans.

America’s war veterans and their honorable service bring great pride to this country. Their collective experience spans two world wars and several foreign conflicts. They have followed war mules through the mud of Flanders Field, dropped from landing barges onto the beaches of Normandy, faced the icy cold of Porkchop Hill, trudged the rice paddies of the Mekong Delta and are currently facing the challenges of today’s terrorism at home and abroad. Regardless of differences in their experience, all veterans share a common bond – a brotherhood of memory and hard-won wisdom that helps define their character. How grateful we should all be for our veterans who have been willing to sacrifice their all. Only they can truly understand the awesome price of life’s intangibles; that of freedom, justice, and democracy.

At Kessler Alair Insurance, our name itself honors three local veterans who went on to become founding members of our company. My father, Bill Kessler, served in the Air Force for 4 years during the Korean War. My Uncle, Ken Kessler, served in the Army during World War II and participated in the D-Day invasion that helped lead to the defeat of Germany. I truly appreciate the wisdom and strong work ethic they expressed to me over the years. Gene Alair gave 30 years to the Navy, served during World War II and retired as a Navy Reserve captain. He was a respected community servant with the Ontario Rotary for many years as well. All three of these men, and many others like them worked hard to defend our country as well as balance their responsibilities to home and family. It is an honor to have our name associated with the Veteran’s Plaza at Upland City Hall.

Bill Kessler

Gene Alair

To all our veterans – we thank you!

Brad Kessler


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