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Has this happened to you? Phone scam-- I was a victim.

Sometimes you experience something odd and you wonder if you were a victim of a new type of crime. This week I received a call form someone who said my cell line has been calling his phone. The solicitation was for solar service. I called Verizon to see if my phone had been hacked, or my line routed to another phone. The representative at Verizon checked my phone and told me that there had not been a breach on my line. The representative did inform me that they have seen a higher call volume recently. There is a new app out that allows the dishonest marketers to grab a random phone number. This makes it appear as though the call is coming from the cell number of the person who it actually belongs to, not the marketing company. She told me it is a spoofing app and they can type any number in the application for a caller ID. In this particular instance the number happened to be mine.

Just wanted to share in case someone else out there has had this happen. Contact your phone carrier to report it. Just when you think you have done all you can to protect your privacy, another way to be victimized is invented.