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Workers Comp Insurance

California Workers Compensation

Workers Compensation insurance requirements for business owners vary from state to state. Some states set a minimum employee count before the employer has to purchase WC insurance for their employees. In California every employer is required to carry worker’s compensation insurance on their employees. This insurance provides coverage for accidents or disease arising from employment as prescribed by state laws. Benefits can include lost wages, medical expenses, and permanent disfigurement/disability payments. The coverage pays for sums which you are legally obligated to pay because of bodily injury by accident or disease sustained by any employee arising out of their employment.

The Workers Compensation policy may allow you to exclude coverage in certain circumstances when you are an owner of a company. When excluded, the individual(s) owner(s) will not be afforded the protection provided under the Workers’ Compensation policy.

Workers Compensation is the exclusive remedy for injured workers. All claims reported are reviewed and evaluated to determine if the claim occurred in course of employment (COE) or arising out of employment (AOE). The workers compensation examiner has the ability to investigate the claim and make a determination of acceptance. Claims can be delayed and ultimately denied based on the individual facts of the claim.

The Workers Compensation policy does not provide coverage for any employment related allegation brought forth with a Workers Compensation claim, such as retaliation, wrongful termination, discrimination, or wage and hour. Coverage can be purchased for this exposure by procuring an Employment Practices Liability Policy.

Kessler Alair Insurance Services understands the concerns of business owners. We are, after all, a business ourselves. Let us help you navigate the wide world of insurance. Using our established connections with top-rated carriers, we’ll help you find effective, affordable options to protect your employees and your business.

With a program that promotes on-the-job safety, you can operate a healthy workplace where productivity soars. Our insurance experts at Kessler Alair Insurance Services will take the time to learn about your business, and can make industry-specific recommendations. Additionally, we will help you assess the risks at your office, store, warehouse or factory.

Look to Kessler Alair Insurance Services to bring you services such as:

  • Assist in investigating and initiating prosecution of fraudulent claims.
  • Arrange for employer/carrier claims review to explain status of claim and basis for reserves.
  • Explain coverage’s, policies and procedures.
  • Identify and evaluate exposures by surveying the premises, updating payrolls and classifications.
  • Review premium audits for accuracy and coordinate correction.
  • Request on behalf of the Employer loss prevention services such as operation surveys to determine unsafe conditions or practices, on-site inspections and accident investigations.
  • Review prior claims and open reserves.
  • Complete and submit applications.
  • Obtain and transmit loss history from prior carriers.
  • Review risk classifications to determine accuracy of payroll classifications and exposure on periodic basis.
  • Advise on establishing risk management plans, requesting resources as needed.
  • Assist clients in establishing organized insurance files and records.
  • Conduct periodic client review meetings to review exposures, existing risk management, pending claims, etc.
  • Provide insurance summaries for financial institutions, auditors etc.
  • Prepare certificates of insurance as needed.

Contact Kessler Alair Insurance Services today to learn more about our viable workers compensation solutions.