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Christine Zook

Customer Service Representative

Christine Zook

Christine Zook

Working to resolve billing issues and pushing for approval on life changing surgeries is all in a day’s work for Christine Zook who works in Kessler Alair Insurance Services Benefits Department.

Christine, a Southern California native, started work with a small insurance agency right out of high school, answering phones and processing mail. It was a job she found much more interesting than the one she held during high school— serving pizza in a Chuck E. Cheese costume! After she became a licensed agent, she applied her knowledge within the mortgage industry and later, after the birth of her third child, at Kessler Alair. Since coming to the Upland, California insurance agency in 2001, she has worked diligently within the benefits department on behalf of the clients.

Working within the insurance industry is very rewarding for Christine who enjoys the personal element of her job. While the relationships with clients are of a professional nature, she feels that as a Kessler Alair employee she has the opportunity to become part of a large team of people that are always standing behind the client.

When she is not working, Christine enjoys time with her husband of 27 years and doing crafts with her three active children.

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