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Employee Benefits

from Kessler Alair Insurance Services

California Employee Benefits

How does your company attract and retain top talent? Naturally, people want to be paid well, but in today’s competitive marketplace, money isn’t everything. A great benefits package can go far toward improving employee retention and loyalty. At Kessler Alair Insurance Services, we understand your business concerns. You need to show appreciation to your workers without breaking the bank. We can help.

Great Benefits at Affordable Rates

As an established agency offering employee benefits throughout California, Kessler Alair Insurance Services has developed relationships with many reputable, stable employee-benefit markets. Through long-term associations with these carriers, we are able to negotiate fantastic pricing and coverage options for our clients. If you understand the need to offer better employee benefits but haven’t found a way to do so while protecting your bottom line, contact us right away. We’ll work together with you to find innovative solutions you may not even know exist.

Available Employee Benefits

What can you offer your employees beyond a regular paycheck? By partnering with Kessler Alair Insurance Services, you may be able to offer more than you thought possible. We have a full menu of employee benefit products that extend from healthcare packages to retirement-plan management. Our experienced staff, together with our partners from nationally renowned carriers, can help you

  • Provide healthcare plans for employees and their families
  • Offer additional coverage such as dental and vision care for affordable rates
  • Manage COBRA requirements
  • Choose and administer 401Ks and other retirement plans
  • Maintain compliance with state and federal requirements

Operating a business takes time, dedication and business savvy. Success in today’s competitive marketplace also requires the right business partnership. To give your own business a better chance at success, contact Kessler Alair Insurance Services today and ask for more information about available employee-benefits packages. With our help, you can reward and encourage your employees while growing your bottom line.