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Life Insurance

from Kessler Alair Insurance Services

California Life Insurance

Every Californian needs some form of life insurance. Whether you’re a traditional student, a recent college graduate, the parent of young children or a retiree, you need to protect your family’s future with a life insurance policy. Funerals and final expenses cost a lot of money, and you don’t want to leave your loved ones with a load of debt in the event of an untimely death. Kessler Alair Insurance Services can help you prepare for your family’s future.

The Right Life Insurance for You

The right life insurance policy for you depends on a number of variables, and your life insurance needs will change with your age and circumstances. The insurance experts at Kessler Alair Insurance Services encourage customers to review life insurance options annually. Additionally, you should review your coverage any time

  • You have a change in marital status
  • You add a new member to the family
  • You start a new job
  • You have a significant change in your annual income
  • You start or significantly grow your own business
  • A child leaves for college
  • You take responsibility for aging relatives
  • You or your spouse becomes disabled
  • You are approaching retirement
  • You buy or refinance a home
  • You or your spouse receives an inheritance

Available Life Insurance Products

Kessler Alair Insurance Services has a full menu of life insurance options. The two main types of life insurance are term life and whole life. Term life insurance provides coverage only for a set period of time. If you die during this time period, the benefit will pay out as long as the terms of the policy have been met. Whole life insurance has no time limit and will pay out at the time of death as long as the terms of the policy are met. Some term life policies can be rolled over into whole life options. Talk to your agent for details.

At Kessler Alair Insurance Services, we focus on helping our customers minimize risks. But no matter how well we do our job, no one is going to get out of this game of life alive. Let us help you prepare for the inevitable. That way you can rest assured that your family and loved ones will have what they need in the event of your death.