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Health Insurance

from Kessler Alair Insurance Services

California Health Insurance

As an insurance agency, Kessler Alair Insurance Services is in the business of protecting others. Few insurance products are as crucial to the wellbeing of our customers as health insurance. Although it may be tempting to consider healthcare coverage a luxury, the risks of living without it are serious. When medical bills start to pile up, you can wind up with enormous debt, and without proper insurance coverage, you could end up having your wages garnished or needing to file bankruptcy.

Affordable Healthcare Solutions

Fortunately, Kessler Alair Insurance Services can help you identify affordable healthcare solutions. Whether you need help navigating the healthcare marketplace or want to explore other options, our experienced agents will be happy to work with you. We understand that every family and individual faces a unique set of circumstances, and we’ll take the time to get to know you. We’ll also take the time to explain various options to you in order to help you make an informed decision.

Types of Healthcare Coverage

In California, you have several different healthcare options. Each option meets the legal requirements set out in the Affordable Care Act. Your insurance agent can help you determine which options meet the needs of you and your family.

Consumer-Directed Solutions: This new type of healthcare plan is designed to give consumers maximum control. Clients begin by setting up a health savings account (HSA) that can be used to cover medical expenses.

Fee-for-Service Plans: These traditional healthcare plans prescribe a set rate to be paid to a provider for each service rendered. Consumers with these plans enjoy a lot of flexibility regarding choice of providers and physicians.

Managed-Care Plans: These common healthcare solutions include HMOs and PPOs. In a managed-care system, consumers receive medical treatment from hospitals, clinics and doctors that are a part of a specific network. By choosing in-network services, consumers often save greatly on out-of-pocket costs.

A good healthcare solution includes preventative measures as well as treatment of illness and injury. Don’t wait to protect your family’s health. Contact Kessler Alair Insurance Services for more details on health insurance.